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Q: How much does CSI/CSC plan to charge to access

A: Only users who have purchased the latest MasterFormat or have either an active CSI or CSC membership will be granted access to the Numbers and Titles as well as the Intro and Guides. Purchase the latest MasterFormat edition or renew your CSI membership or renew your CSC membership become a CSI member or CSC member.

Q: How current is the data on

A: The site contains the most up-to-date version of MasterFormat available.

Q: I'm still working with MasterFormat 95 numbers. Is there a version of this site for this older standard?

A: contains only the latest data, but MasterFormat 95 numbers can be converted in the Transition Guide section.

Q: I need to copy and paste information from the Numbers & Titles section into my word processing software, but when I try to do this it appears in my document with the fonts and colors used on How can I paste information without the formatting?

A: Unfortunately, this is a function handled by your operating system and our web site has no way of controlling how text is copied from it. There are solutions, however:
  • In Microsoft Word 2002 and later (Windows) and Word 2004 and later (Mac) you can use the Edit > Paste Special command to paste text without formatting.
  • In Microsoft Word 2000 and later you can create a macro to cause Edit > Paste to paste without formatting.
  • paste the text into your document, highlight it by dragging the mouse cursor across it, and change the formatting manually.

Q: I want to submit a revision proposal.How will I know the results of my revision proposal after I submit it?

A: The proposal and all associated information remains available at You will be notified by email at your registered email address whenever the status of the proposal changes or information within it is updated. CSI staff may also contact you directly if necessary.

Q: I have an idea that would be great to include on this web site. Do you accept feedback?

A: All feedback is welcome! Please send us an email at

Q: Is there a license required to use MasterFormat?

A: In order to protect and insure the consistency of MasterFormat, CSI and CSC have copyrighted it. Anyone using MasterFormat as a copyrighted work accepts its Terms of Use (available through a link on each page or at the link below). These Terms establish three categories of use. Most users fall under the Organization Internal/Individual Use category which does not require a written license or a fee for usage. Those embedding MasterFormat into a product for resale or for other public use may fall under the Proprietary Use category and may incur an annual license fee. For any commercial use, please contact CSI at For details see Terms of Use & Licensing.

Q: I have a question that was not included on this page.

A: Please send your detailed question to